Chef David Wolfman
Cooking With the Wolfman 

Television Show

Cooking With the WolfmanTM presents Indigenous Fusion - traditional foods with a modern twist.  On this unique show audiences watch me create original dishes by combining international foods and flavours using ingredients indigenous to North America with tastes and seasonings from all over the world. 

Most of the episodes present either wild game, water fowl or arctic fish with root vegetables and wild edibles but I always try to suggest easy substitutions of those of you a little unsure about some of the more exotic ingredients, so don't let the "wild" parts scare you away!
International Guests

Season Seven introduced international food themes and featured a number of chef guests to join me in exploring cuisine from Greece, India, Italy, Poland, Russia, Scotland, Ireland, the Middle East, the Philippines, and the Caribbean.  See some photos of the making of the show below.

Earlier Seasons

Earlier seasons of the show (Seasons One through Six) feature me with a variety of guests and co-hosts making Aboriginal Fusion dishes to tempt the palate and tantalize the tastebuds.  Unusual and common ingredients from all over Canada are used along with spices and flavourings from every corner of the world for some surprisingly great results!

I demonstrate where the foods come from through visits to buffalo farms, woodlands, lakes, and nurseries and my guests give me a hand and share their own stories about Aboriginal culture.  Enjoy!