Chef David Wolfman
Traditional Aboriginal Foods 
with a Modern Twist

Welcome, friends, and a special hello to my American FNX viewers!

Happy Aboriginal Day everyone!
I have new seasonal recipes to share with you all and will be changing them every few months to inspire you to try some new approaches to healthy cooking featuring Aboriginal Fusion - traditional Aboriginal foods with a modern twist.  

I have a newsletter that will come out on a seasonal basis that you can sign up to receive, featuring recipes, tips for healthy cooking, and news on upcoming events.

For those of you curious about what it takes to become a certified chef, I have some info to share from my knowledge and experience as a long time Professor of Culinary Arts at George Brown College, along with my bio.

Of course I have info about my popular cooking television show, Cooking With the Wolfman, which has been airing nationally in Canada for eight seasons and is now airing in Alaska, Wyoming, Illinois, California and Minnesota.

Plus, I have added more information about the types of consulting services I provide to organizations and communities seeking either a:

  • Culinary Staff Trainer
  • Celebrity Entertainer
  • Menu Designer 
  • Restaurant Designer, or 
  • Workshop Facilitator on Tourism, Health, and Goal Setting

Visit my page on training for more information.
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