Chef David Wolfman
Traditional Aboriginal Foods 
with a Modern Twist

Ahnii!  And welcome.

Thanks for visiting my website.  Check out my recipes.  Watch a few of my shows.  And sign up for my seasonal newsletter or check out my new line of knives.  Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have interest in my consulting services or events.  Happy to lend a hand!

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Knives: I sell three different sets of Cooking With the Wolfman knives:
  • The Euro Culinary set of knives are perfect for anyone new to cooking.  
  • The Winewood set of knives has engineered hardwood handles and was designed for a home cook. 
  • The Europe Forged set of knives is top of the line and was designed for a chef or experienced home cook.  

Aprons:  Who doesn't need a new apron?!

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